In 1915, my great Grandfather with 3 of his sons, formed T.H.Hazlett & Sons Contractors and Builders.

At the time, this area in Ohio was growing by leaps and bounds. Cleveland would double in size from 1900 – 1920, Canton would nearly triple, and Akron actually quadrupled.  There were unlimited opportunities building the very same houses and neighborhoods where my family still works today .

Over the next 100 years,  T.H.Hazlett & Sons would lead to Paul B. Hazlett and Son, Hazlett Roofing, and eventually to today’s Hazlett Roofing & Renovation Ltd. We still serve those same neighborhoods, stocking new slate, re-claimed slate, new tile, vintage tile, historic roof tile fittings and copper.  T.H.Hazlett would certainly recognize the work our 5th generation is doing today . We still cut, punch, and nail slate entirely by hand and we bend, fabricate and solder copper without electricity . I think my great grandfather would look with a bit of envy at the diamond wheels and wet saws we now use to cut ceramic roof tile . He would be a bit perplexed to learn that so much of the millwork and moldings that, in his day were available at every lumberyard, are today unavailable unless we mill it ourselves.

If you have a home with a historic exterior, you can trust us to take care of it, after all we have been doing this for over 100 years.

(from left to right : Stephen Hazlett, Tiernan King,  Andrew Hazlett, Kevin Hazlett)

Kevin Hazlett: After college, Kevin joined the family business 8 years ago. Kevin designed our first web site, our mailers and most of our postcards. He was also very influential in getting our Direct Mail marketing up and running. On job sites, Kevin is usually in charge over all. He takes the lead in setting up scaffolding and is the first to climb anything. He handles most of our carpentry work and usually the most detailed on site copper work and soldering as well. Kevin is still involved with slate and tile work on a daily basis, but he is also slowly expanding our shop’s capability to custom fabricate historic and obsolete millwork.
Andrew Hazlett: When Andrew was finished with college he went to work for another small business owned by a friend of the family. After 4 or 5 years in that business, he joined our company where he has been for about 5 years now. Andrew has a solid head for business. On job sites Andrew usually handles a lot of slate and tile work and increasingly takes the lead on tile projects and skylight installs. He handles most of the copper fabrication done in the shop. In a lot of ways, Andrew is the man who keeps our projects moving ahead and on schedule. Increasingly, Andrew is involved in buying reclaimed slate and tile for our company.
Tiernan King: Tiernan worked with us for a couple of years when he was in college . After college he pursued other interests and then eventually realized that he preferred working outdoors with us. This is Tiernan’s 3rd year back with us and we couldn’t be happier. Tiernan usually works with Kevin or Andrew on the roof tops, although he is certainly capable of handling all slate and tile work independently. Increasingly, I have noticed that Tiernan often is fabricating copperwork on site and that it is ready to install before Kevin and Andrew realize they need it. So I think in the future Tiernan may take the lead in our copperwork. Tiernan also has a much more mechanical mind than the rest of us, so when any problems arise with the machinery we turn it over to him.
Stephen Hazlett: I am in my mid 50s and the young men are too polite to point out that I can’t really keep up with them anymore on the roof top. My job now seems to involve mostly staying out of the way of younger, better men! I keep busy meeting customers, quoting projects, organizing all of the upcoming work, and endlessly tracking down and buying the vintage slate and tile we need to complete our projects. As you can probably tell, I am immensely proud of these 3 men and consider it a real gift to work with them each day . I think you will really enjoy meeting them as well.