We are often called upon to duplicate, replace and restore exterior architectural elements and trim carpentry.

This Queen Anne-style building was built in 1892. It was featured in a 2012 tour put on by the Canton Preservation Society.  Here we  are undertaking some exterior carpentry restoration work prior to that tour. This particular exterior trim was custom milled for this specific project. A great deal of the carpentry work we undertake involves millwork that has not been commercially produced for generations- and yet we are able to reproduce it as needed. Click any picture below for larger views and more information about the repairs we performed.

This 1920’s-era home in Canton’s Hills and Dales neighborhood has many wonderful architectural features.

A decorative pilaster near the front entrance had become thoroughly rotten and needed replaced. Often on homes of this vintage, custom millwork is no longer commercially available. Hazlett Roofing & Renovation uses a combination of traditional and modern tools and techniques to fabricate custom moldings, fluted columns and other trim details. Click the photos below for more information.

Most of our projects were built in the 1920’s or earlier.

Our challenge is to match that original millwork and to make it look as if it has been lovingly maintained for 80-100 years. Kevin Hazlett’s interest and talent in furniture building and cabinet making serve him well on those projects. Kevin works with a #5 Bailey handplane, which comes down to him through his great-grandfather Paul B. Hazlett, who first used it in the 1910’s-1920’s. Click on the pictures for a larger view and more information about our tools and techniques.