The Hazlett family has been serving Ohio for over 100 years. It’s almost as if we were a classic home, we would be trying to duplicate ourselves.

Fortunately, all of these years being in business and studying older and classic homes has brought us to a comprehension and skill of renovation that is extremely hard to beat. Whether you own your own classic home or you happen to be in the renovating process of one, it’s so important to hire an experienced carpentry team for renovation and exterior components. At Hazlett Roofing & Renovation Ltd., we have the knowledge and experience to explain why.

Passion for the Job

Passion is one of the most overlooked aspects of finding a carpentry team to assist in renovating the exterior of older homes. When you are talking to a potential contractor, do they seem genuinely interested in the concept of the space? Are they dedicated to matching their work to match that of the original builder’s work? Hiring an experienced carpentry team to renovate your classic home means that you are getting a contractor who contains passion and excitement for the job. They want things to be done correctly and should that mean researching the era in which the home was built, they will do what it takes to give you a finished project that any historical society would be proud to place a mark on.

Knowledge and Awareness

When newer carpentry teams take on classic homes, they can sometimes miss the incredible findings that the exterior of older homes may contain. An experienced carpentry team will come into the renovation with an open mind and awareness that restoration should take precedence over any type of renovation. If we can save and restore a component of an older home, that’s exactly what we want to do.

Authenticity of Your Home

If you are hoping to recreate the original, authentic look and feel of your older home, having an experienced carpentry team take the lead on the classic renovations is a must. Often times, classic homes have exterior components that are no longer commercially on the market today. A novice carpenter may choose to buy whatever fits closes, but this instantly detracts from the craftsmanship that your home exudes. At Hazlett Roofing & Renovation Ltd., we want to keep the authenticity of the home in all its glory. To do this, we utilize a combination of traditional and modern tools and techniques that help to create custom moldings for your beautiful, classic home.

Attention to Detail

In the same respect of authenticity, our experienced carpentry team is careful to catch every slight detail of the home. There is never a step that is overlooked or a corner that is cut. When you choose to renovate the exterior of an older home, it’s critical that the experienced team of carpenters you hire is studying the job, understanding the work and paying great attention to the fine details of the structure.

If you are looking for an experienced carpentry team for renovating classic homes and exteriors, look no further than our team at Hazlett Roofing & Renovation Ltd. For more information, give us a call today! For our Cleveland office, contact us at 216-246-8004. For our Akron office, contact us today at 330-773-1018.