Carpentry is an important skill needed for almost any household renovation. Not only is a carpenter responsible to ensure the job looks good, but you also rely on them to make your renovations sturdy and safe.

Listen to Friends

The best way to find a reliable carpenter is to ask friends and neighbors. If someone you know has had carpentry work done recently, check out the workmanship and ask about the carpenter/company. If you like what you see and the people were satisfied, contact them!

Get Estimates

Whether you have the name of only one carpenter or you have a whole list of names, invite them over to provide an estimate. Be sure to show them the location of the job and give a detailed explanation of what you want. Listen to the carpenter, see how they respond and what they suggest, and be sure to question them about anything that wasn’t clear. Keep in mind that a good price does not always mean a good job. Don’t simply hire the carpenter with the cheapest bid, especially if the job is complex and requires permits or inspections.

Asking for estimates is also a great way to see if the carpenter is punctual. Did they arrive for the estimate when they said they would? Were they available when you tried to contact them? The answers to these questions will give you an indication as to whether or not you can trust them with your job.

Get References & Ask for Testimonials

If you’re new in the city and don’t have anyone to ask for recommendations, be sure to ask the carpenter for references and call them. A short phone call can you save you lots of aggravation and money. In addition, you may want to be put in touch with pre-approved, dependable carpenters.

Discuss timelines

This one is vital, often, carpenters stretch out the project way beyond the deadline. Make sure you outline timelines right away and do leave a margin for unforeseen circumstances. For example – wet weather can make it harder for wood polish to dry and high humidity may result in unfavorable working conditions. Ask the carpenter to list out any causes for delay. This mentally prepares you to invest time and money for the period, considering that each day could cost you something extra.

Check the Contract

Once you’ve found the right person for the job, be sure to read over the contract carefully. It goes without saying that there should be a signed contract between you and the carpenter. Make sure the contract includes the cost, payment schedule, start and completion date, as well as a complete description of the work to be done and materials to be used. Be sure to receive a receipt for any payments you make.

Remember, a little homework can save you and your family from a home improvement nightmare. Follow the above steps and you can be sure you’ll hire only reliable professionals.

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