Hazlett Roofing Tile Repair

Roofing tile comes in a huge variety of shapes and styles referred to as “profiles.”

Profiles are often available in a range of colors, as well. In Northeast Ohio, most tile roofs are one of five common profiles:

  • Spanish “S”
  • Mission/Barrel
  • Light Weight Interlocking
  • Closed Shingle
  • French
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Spanish “S” Tile

Manufactured by Ludowici. One of the five most common ceramic tile profiles in Northeast Ohio. Spanish Tile is typically a terra-cotta color but this tile has a more rare green glaze on it.

Mission/Barrel Tile

Manufactured by Ludowici. This style tile requires the same precautions as the “S” style Spanish tiles. It is a two piece system using a lower “pan” section with an upper “cover” section.

Light Weight Interlocking Tile

By far, the most common ceramic roof tile profile  in Cleveland. These tiles were widely used in Shaker Heights, University Heights, Cleveland Heights and Forest Hills  neighborhoods. Manufactured by Ludowici Celadon under a variety of names such as Early American, Lanai, Americana, Williamsburg, and Classic.  Many of these tiles are very similar but have critically different  dimensions and require highly experienced craftsmen to match  these tiles properly.

Closed Shingle Tile

Manufactured by Ludowici. The Closed Shingle profile comes in a standard terra-cotta color or a flat green glaze. This high gloss “Brookville green” glaze makes it rare.

French Tile

The French Tile profile shown above is a very rare example of a French Tile produced by the Sharps Tile Company. In Northeast Ohio, a Ludowici French Tile would be more typical and there are several examples shown on the Tile Roofs page as well.

French Style Concrete Tile

This particular profile, in concrete, is called Buckholtz. A more angular version of this profile was produced by Hawthorne. These older concrete tiles are durable once installed but can be extremely fragile during repair and restoration. They require the efforts of highly experienced craftsmen.